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An award-winning Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil harnesses the invigorating lift of Juniper Berry and Neroli coupled with hangover and late night banishing Grapefruit essential oils. Bathe or shower in its reviving aromas to shrug off lethargy and jump into the day.

Revive Morning Bath and Shower Oil 55ml

55 Milliliters
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  • Massage onto your torso, cup your hands, bring them to your face and inhale deeply 3 times. Step into a warm bath or shower and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

    This bottle will provide you with 20 experiences for you to relax your mind and body. For optimum results follow up with Relax Body Oil and enjoy the good night's sleep you deserve.


  • Grapefruit -  helps to improve circulation and is a natural digestion stimulant. It's refreshing aroma helps to refresh and boost energy.

    Juniper Berry - sourced from Macedonia helps to stimulate and detoxify. It aids with positivity and clarity.

    Benefits you will experience:

    • Refreshed
    • Uplifted
    • Awakens the Mind
    • Boosts Circulation
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