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Unhook your mind from the daily overload at any given moment, with the intensely concentrated aromatherapy oils in our De-Stress Mind Roller Ball. The 100% natural formulation contains a calming blend of ethically-sourced, sweet, woody Frankincense and clarity restoring Wild Moroccan Camomile. Its portable delivery system allows you to find serenity amid a hectic day.

De-stress Mind Roller Ball 10ml

10 Milliliters
Excluding GST
  • Lightly roll over pulse points for an instant effect. Breathe in to slow down whenever & wherever you need

  • Bitter Orange-lifting mood and reducing stress

    Rosemary - eases the stress and helps relief th pain of the muscles and joints.

    Wild Chamomille - soothes the mind, alleviate depression and anxiety, supports skin, hair and scalp health.

    Benefits you will experience:

    • Centred
    • Clears Mind
    • Ease Tension
    • Awakens the Mind
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