Relaxation massage

Light to medium pressure is applied to harmonise the body. Soothing effleurage movements will improve body oxygenation allowing full recovery.


60 min  $145


90min   $170



Promotes recovery and sleep

This massage creates a sense of balance and calm, as well as giving relief to area that are under stress. 

90min     $199



Deep Tissue


A deeply repairing massage using forearm and elbow to soothe sore muscles. Our warming oil blend is applied to target the area of concern.

60min     $155


90min     $190


Relaxation massage

A beautiful pregnancy massage.

It soothes any aches and pains that mum to be might be experiencing, It is the perfect treatment to reduce stress and anxiety. We offer the massage where mums can lie on their side safely with the supportive pillow.

60 min  $149

$155/ weekend


Essential oil lymphatic experience 

Bespoke essential oil blends are selected by you to create an unique experience and leave you feeling fully rejuvenated.

60 min   $155

90min    $190