Revitalising, nourishing

Thoughtfully designed ritual to enhance the demands of any skin type thanks to wide range of uniquely formulated intensifying concentrates. Selenite crystal massage stones are used to treat delicate eye area and to enhance lymphatic drainage. 

45 min

$119/ weekend


Desensitising, rebalancing

A scientific solution for sensitive skins, aimed at standardising and re-balancing the epidermal metabolism, re-establishing the function that protects against harmful effects of the environment and assisting to prevent redness, oedema or scaling.
The treatment have been formulated exclusively with thermal water from the Salies-De-Bearn spring (France).

60 min

$159/ weekend



Renewing, cell regenerating

The Derma Peel Pro combines 5 peeling techniques in one treatment to perfect the skin. It consists of a high concentration acids and enzymes for better efficiency and renovating performance to create a "new" skin. It results in rejuvenated texture and colour as well as a brighter, younger looking skin.

50 min

1 treatment $180

2 treatments $300

4 treatments $550

Spa and Wellness


Repairing treatment

This ritual is designed to target skin concerns related to the season while repairing the complexion. The skin is refreshed by double cleanse, gently exfoliated and revitalised by an intense massage layered with pure essential oil concentrates.

45 min



$145/ weekend


Puryfying, antioxidant, desensitising

Oxygen is needed for energy production giving the skin a healthy colour, luminosity and radiance, an abundant supply of oxygen will ensure good skin and health.

Treatment formula combines actives of oxygenating, prebiotic and protection against environmental pollution. It results in a luminant revivifying oxygenating effect.

60 min


$165/ weekend


Reshaping, indulging, DNA protecting

The treatment stimulates cells with rose absolute, bio-mimetic peptides and rose quartz particles, resulting in a youthful radiance you deserve.

A special massage is performed with a Rose Quartz therapeutic tools to stimulate layers under the outer skin and to improve micro-circulation. With repeated treatments it can significantly soften wrinkles.

60 min


$165/ weekend



Stimulating collagen, brightening

The innovative POWER C+ marries two super powers of the anti-oxidant world that work their magic by stopping free radicals from getting a hold, causing inflammation, wrinkling and collagen loss. It is the solution to long-lasting clarity and brightness that turns lines into no lines, reduces freckling, damage and pigmentation, increases elasticity and offers a far smoother skin.

60 min


$159/ weekend

Celluma light.JPG


Rejuvenating, cell stimulating

An ultrasonic deep exfoliation combined with LED light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells.

*This facial can be intensified with an ampule: that contains Collagen and Elastin factor or brightening serum.

60 min


$165/ weekend
*$165/ w. ampule or serum



Age-proofing, lifting  and contouring

This advanced age-proofing facial starts from relaxing shoulders and neck massage that helps release the accumulated tension. Followed by a highly stimulating neck and face ritual. It is highly stimulating thanks to a revolutionary power of [ProGEN-in], technology which specifically targets and gets to the protein source: Progerin, which is responsible for cellular ageing. 

75 min


$185/ weekend